Here are just some of the practice areas I cover:

Contract Disputes

I've drafted, interpreted, and litigated a wide variety of breach of contract cases. Perhaps a party to the contract has not lived up to her end of the bargain and litigation required. If you need to modify an agreement or draft one, assistance is available. If you seek to understand the applicability of a contract, please get in touch with us.

Lien Law

Are you trying to figure out the Utah Construction Registry? Do you need to file a lien or foreclose on it? Maybe you just found out you have a lien on your property. Resolving liens issues is something I've done many times for clients. 

Land use, zoning, and the land-use authority

I've worked with land use authorities on behalf of clients developing property. While working for another firm, I drafted the winning appeal in a unique case involving the disconnection of thousands of acres from the jurisdiction of the land-use authority. Bluffdale Mountain Homes v. Bluffdale City, 2007 UT 57.

This 2007 case introduced Utah's Land Use, Development and, Management Act. (There's a chapter for municipalities and another for counties.) I've worked with developers to secure a variety of land use approvals.

There have been cases where I've represented vape shop owners seeking to have the land-use authority enforce zoning requirements against a competitor. 

Group Homes and the American with Disabilities Act

Are you trying to develop a group home? Are the neighbors objecting to your plan? I've dealt with situations like these, and you'll need the ADA to get that project developed.

Landlord/Tenant and Commercial Lease Negotiations

I've dealt with many, many landlord-tenant issues. I've evicted tenants of all types. I've represented many commercial tenants in disputes with their landlord or facing eviction.

If you're negotiating a new lease or seeking to modify a current one, let's talk. I've negotiated many commercial leases. Before you sign any lease run, it's essential to do your due diligence. I can help with that by investigating the relevant parties, conducting GRAMA requests, review maps and other documents at the land-use authorities' office.