I began my real estate career in 1989 at the Cook County Assessor's Office in Chicago, Illinois. As a senior real estate analyst, I constantly researched and estimated the value of numerous commercial, industrial, and high-density residential developments.

In 1999 I obtained my Illinois law license (I'm currently inactive in Illinois because I live in Utah). Initially, I worked at a small law practice on Chicago's Southside, handling probate matters, personal injury, and real estate matters.

I then worked as an Assistant State's Attorney in Chicago in the early 2000s. I argued several criminal appeals before the Illinois appellate courts during that time. See People v. Love, 318 Ill.App.3d 534, 252 Ill.Dec. 585, 743 N.E.2d 159. While in the civil division, I litigated the property's value for real estate tax purposes. I also counseled local governments on various real estate tax issues and represented them in court.

A boutique real estate law firm run by a powerful politician in Chicago hired me in 2001. I worked with some of the biggest developers in Chicago. While the focus was primarily on litigating the property's value, I dealt with interpreting development agreements, negotiating incentives from local governments, and pushing land use applications through the approval process. We represented numerous developers, property owners, and commercial tenants. 

In 2005, after researching the best places to live, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I networked my way into an associate position with a small law firm, Hutchings, Baird, Curtis & Astill, PLLC, focusing on real estate development. We litigated against numerous local governments over the applicability of land use ordinances and the interpretation of land use agreements.

During this time, I drafted several appeals. See Bluffdale Mountain Homes, et al. v. Bluffdale city, 2007 UT 57, Specht v. Big Water Town, 2007 UT App 335

In 2007, I opened my law practice focusing on real estate and civil litigation. Here are some of the cases I've been involved in:

• Litigated civil cases involving real property and contractual disputes.• Foreclosed on real property according to Utah Code § 57-1-21 et seq.
• Prosecuted dozens of eviction actions.
• Represented property owners in condemnation cases.
• Sued land-use authority to enforce the zoning ordinance against a client's competitor.
• Tried case against escrow officer for breach of fiduciary duty.
• Quieted title over a trust deed allowing a homeowner to sell his residence as if he owned it free and clear.
• Responded to red tags issued against clients' properties or developments. 
• Represented Walgreens and other more prominent property owners state-wide in real estate tax appeals; procured appraisals to support those appeals and argued for valuation reductions before administrative hearing officers.
• Defended landowner and developer in a two-day bench trial for breach of contract.
• Litigated against local land-use authorities who violated the ADA by refusing to issue building permits for group homes.
• Negotiated lease agreements for franchisees who operated fast-food restaurants and car washes.
• Procured business licenses for vape shops after the municipality initially refused to issue them based on an erroneous interpretation of state law and land use ordinances. 
• Represented property owners sued by Murray City for failing retainer wall. See Murray City v. Overgaard, 2008 Utah App. LEXIS 450
• Prosecuted property access case before trial court; appealed to and argued before the Utah Appellate Court. See Wellberg Invest, LLC v. Greener Hills Subd., et al. 2014 UT App 222.
• Represented appraisers and real estate licensees before the Utah Division of Real Estate.